Join Council

The Collector Car Council of Colorado encourages everyone with a passion for collector and vintage vehicles to become part of the CCCC. Joining is easy and requirements are few and whether you want to join as a club with your friends, or find an established club that shares the same a passion you have for the automobile. Our fees are:

Clubs - $50.00 a year
Individuals - $20.00 a year
Corporate -$100.00 a year
we also have a $4.00 per member assessment for each club member with those fees covering the cost of the CCCC Congressional lobbyist.

Here's How Clubs Can Join!
If your Vehicle Club has at least 10 members and have been in existence for at least 6 months you qualify. Clubs that are incorporated in the State of Colorado, or are an affiliate of an incorporated National club can make application to the CCCC for membership. After joining each member club appoints a representative and alternate to attend monthly meetings and to actively participate in the goals and directions of the CCCC and help perpetuate the continued use and enjoyment of our vehicles.

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